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You will still have things you desire. As a guy who didn’t lose my virginity until i was 27, i lived with years of shame. I tend to get an allergic reaction to the terms, but that may be in part because i grew up around a lot of people (not my family, but many of my peers and their families) who used them as clubs to enforce sexual abstinence and a very strict performance of gender roles. However, if you insist on thinking that you will actually lose some nebulous thing called virginity through sex, some people have invented some equally nebulous exceptions to the imaginary rules to claim they are still virgins. The end point? historically, society never expected all men to be super-charismatic. It’s perfectly fine to feel it, and talk about it, but feeling like i need to put on a performance to ease your sensitive man-ego is the biggest turn-off ever. We all kind of ran in a socially awkward and nerdy circle in high school.

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Its always the merchant or lower noble who dresses up and plays at being of higher station, not the pauper who seduces’ merchants’ daughters. Everyone has insecurities about their looks.

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