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Buttocks & testicle spanking - female led relationships: femdom lifestyle

But besides that it is something that every mother of a boy should take into consideration. Now if i do that my wife disrespects my balls and had my balls been slapped as a youth done even in front of my sisters if neccsesary. And when you only need to give him one good smack you don’t have to hold him for long! The most she has ever said about spanking me is that she is comfortable with it. I know that is impractical but i just love the sound of a good paddle slapping across his ass and the moans he makes when i land a very good swat. It’s always bare-bottom and we stop to test the other’s response; if we get too excited, we’ll stop and have sex then and there.

How to spank your man: q & a: what does a lady like to see or hear?Spank the ball sack / zb porn

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Men sniff their fingers after scratching their balls because it makes them feel alive | dollar shave clubUrban dictionary: ball spankSpank your testicles.

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It is funny, when the shorts remain around his ankles. When she takes my pants down, my legs are really shaking and i am whimpering and beggimg.