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Oh i loved that. At times pretentious, at times downright silly, and at times just very, very dull (you lose count of the number of shots of people walking very, very slowly up stairs) it climaxes with the house from the original film being destroyed by use of some of the shoddiest physical effects ever. Science fiction poetry cannot transcend. The most memorable poetry usually communicates to its reader on multiple levels, and paul cook has chosen some memorable poems indeed to illustrate “real poems. Adding an airship in the background of “prufrock” would be like putting a gun on the nightstand and ignoring it the rest of the play, i think. Out of nowhere the swords-and-sorcery mystery of 1986’s original was replaced by some bullshit backstory about extraterrestrials from the planet zeist (a rationale russell mulcahy erased from his 1995 “renegade version”). Are merely tools that a poet uses in the creation of a poem.

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It got a release. Was neither competently made nor entertaining.