Large clitoris and piss flaps

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I have a big inner lips and its black. But when i sit to do. Honey, i can’t take any more right now. I do it often and in fact spent all of yesterday afternoon and last night in garter girdle, stockings, and heels. I did not bleed when i lost my virginity and it didn’t really hurt either. Anyone ever have this on going problem? Good information i get frm net.

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Large clitoris and piss flaps.

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So i got out of bed, slipped into my pumps and walked around to her side of the bed, pulled her saturated bikinis out of her cunt again, got her out of bed and walked her to her potty. My clitoris split as did my right inner lip. I mastrubated vaginally a couple days ago and now i have a stong itching and burning sensation in my vagina.