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See for other euphemisms in her diary: With mum working a double shift and not due home until late, i could take advantage of a flat all to myself. His eyes settled as he caught sight of her, brown hair cast down over the right side of her. Diaries were often meant as a method of communication; they were read by others, as we can infer from comments in the margins. On leo polak, see: van berkel and van der poel 2016. The videos and photos are separated into sections and further broken down into just rob and jill’s content and material by different performers. I sat alone on my bed in a room that i had been sleeping in the past few months, apart from my wife of ten years.

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I do wish for a cleaner design though. He does not cover encrypted diaries in detail in his article and states that a separate work about this topic would be justified (. Symbols in diaries were a short and practical way to count and keep track of a repetitive activity like masturbation.