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There was an error. After we settled into the routine of married life in our own house, my wife started taking off all of her clothes before being spanked. At the same time, spanking promotes stability through love and respect. Although defenders of domestic discipline believe that the dd lifestyle is based on bible passages, some christian religious leaders disagree. That 4 star general would first scold the 2 star general for her disrespect and then he would probably scold the 3 star general for allowing the disrespect to go on. Besides, nowhere in scripture did jesus use physical pain on anyone.

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Instead, disciplinary spanking works best as a problem solving mechanism. She then is able to easily divorce him, take his children and half of everything he owns and now she gets to go live with her new lover with his children while he fiances her life with her new lover. There is nothing wrong with you respectfully letting your husband know your needs.