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Later, the use of a lubricant to simulate vaginal lubrication may be introduced. An anaesthetic gel (such as lidocaine) on the penis may also make ejaculation easier to control. An unstretched hymen (vaginal corona) has typically been blamed for this pain at first penetration, but new understandings of the hymen suggest otherwise. For example, vibrators can deliver powerful clit stimulation without ever entering your vagina. Changing your sex positions is an obvious way to add variety to sexual intercourse. In other words, if you adopt some new non-intercourse moves, lovemaking without intercourse can feel more pleasurable than ever. & brody, s.

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Your new pleasure zone. Josie butcher is a general practitioner in nantwich, clinical course director of the msc in psychosexual therapy, university of central lancashire, and lecturer in human sexuality, withington hospital, manchester. Believe it or not, there’s more to sexytimes than you may think.

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