Is masturbation right for christians

Masturbation - is it a sin according to the bible?

But if you’re reading this, i don’t have to tell you that saying “it’s all ok” doesn’t satisfy. We recalled four: oral roberts, bill bright, kenneth hagin and now billy. Please let him do so. Some christians (both catholic and protestant) teach that one of the ways we know that masturbation is sinful is because many times people feel shameful about it. But the overall arc of the film is about the widow’s attempt to avoid the grieving she must do. Ultimately, the pain a person is trying to anesthetize through the practice of masturbation is just another manifestation of the “god-shaped vacuum” that exists at the center of every human heart.

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But i respect your opinion. Viewing it with your spouse does not bring you closer together physically, emotionally or spiritually. Now we look at the various arguments that christian churches use to condemn masturbation and then answers those arguments.

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