Fetish into incontinence

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1st one fell off. And other times i feel like it hasnt come all out. And as for diaperpt. I should think they would perform a very simple laser cut to my sphincter. You should not be living in fear or anxiety. If i may, i’d like to make few observations. There are ways to achieve what you want to do without maiming your body permanently.

Urinary incontinence | urinary incontinence in menDiaper fetish: everything you want to know but dont want to ask

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Types of urinary incontinence in men

I think we should all stop focusing on what we believe may be “wrong” and let the man do whatever he wants. It is hyper glucose in the body which is diabetes, and the night time urination is the body’s attempt to get rid of the hyper glucose. If, after several months of always having to wear diapers and carry spare ones with you and find places to change and deal with occasional leaks with wet spots on your clothes, you decide that you still love it and can’t imagine going back to ever having control, then go for it.