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Emotional attention capture by facial expressions

Previous studies have shown that emotional facial expressions capture visual attention. Overall, the rsa analysis is in line with the pca and provides additional descriptive measures for better understanding the similarities in how faces are decoded by the observers. As before, participants were required to determine whether the displays were all the. Of a discrepant face took longer and was more error prone when the four faces were angry relative to when they were happy. The seven most common emotions are analyzed (happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise and neutrality), and each creates a unique density graph, depicted in figure 3.

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Hence, each action unit has a weight which indicates how strongly it differs from the baseline, with positive weights indicating that it is more diagnostic then the non-action unit areas and negative weights indicating that it is less diagnostic. Displays resulting in slower responding, and (ii) speed up detection time when they appear among three (or seven) neutral or happy distractors, indicating fast and efficient detection of threat.