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You may know what muscle movements particular au codes represent, but it is often difficult to recognize changes. The facs is also graded on a scale of intensity, which gives a measure of. Case studies with videos of healthy controls and patients with schizophrenia and asperger’s syndrome were reported. Once they have this series of movements, they can easily join movement together to create fluid, realistic facial animations of their characters performing certain actions. The ncbi web site requires javascript to function. Roll your mouse over the image to start the movement! below the action units we have also listed the. Of course, as faces move they look different.

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Emotions and action units

The second subject displayed flat expressions except for cheek raiser (au6), lid tightener (au7), lip corner puller (au12), and lip stretcher (au20) at around 40 (s), which constitute an inappropriate expression for fear. Quantified regional volumetric difference functions to measure high-dimensional face deformation. There are five emotions displayed in the image below, however.