Clitoris piercing proper size and location

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The laws and guidelines, along with the efforts of the professional body piercing community provide those interested in receiving a body piercing with a safe, clean environment to do so, and with a piercing technician who has appropriate training and sufficient experience to be hygienic and proficient. The purpose of the clitoris is to provide sexual pleasure to females. It is very important to avoid snagging this piercing. The predominant cause of contamination and infection for genital piercings is most likely unprotected sexual contact. That means you can easily unscrew the ends from a 14g piece of jewelry and place them onto a 12g barbell. Thread size information can be found in the blue “details” box on the left side of every jewelry product detail page on our site. Some girls die from blood loss or infection as a direct result of the procedure.

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Reducing risks:

The nature of the piercing kits do not allow for any of these safety measures to take place. In less than a minute, it was done. You will have to take the personal and professional aspects of your life into consideration, as well as your activity level.

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