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In fact this is probably the best option to try first, before you start shelling out for sex toys. While it’s good for masturbation and massage, it’s also oil, so it’ll be hard to clean and it can stain sheets or clothing. Use this only as a very last resort. Two months ago i met an amazing man from spain, we had a hot affair during the time that he was visiting my city and he told me that he was a collector of olive oil. However, there are a number of body-safe materials to use when it comes to anal play, including silicone, glass, plastic, stainless steel, treated wood and ceramic.

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It has mild anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, plus it smells nice. Scroll through lovehoney’s top anal lube suggestions. This can be combined with a hand job for an incredibly pleasurable sex act called a “rusty trombone.

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