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How to prevent boob sweat this summer, because your girls dont deserve to feel uncomfortable

During puberty, stretch marks on the breasts are very common and completely normal. Occasionally a normal, small amount of tissue remains, but it doesn’t grow or cause discomfort. On the same note, your nipples can be smooth or wrinkly or somewhere in between, and all are totally normal. Employing these tricks may mean fewer trips to the bathroom to wring out your brassiere. If a young woman has started her period, her breasts may also hurt around her menstrual cycle.

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Caffeine makes you retain fluid, so cutting back before your period may help reduce swelling. A better solution: focus not on how saggy your breasts look but how sexy they make you feel. If your measurement ends up to be an odd number, you will need to go up to the next even number to figure out your size.

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