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Using our technique — my husband and i both see that our son is correcting his behavior from conversation followed by an immediate spanking. Gives her three children, aged 1 to 5, a ”firm whack on the bottom” when they misbehave because, she says, ”it is important for a kid to know who is the boss. In the 1985 edition of the book, however, dr. It was not unusual for certain elders to give talks about child rearing or presiding over one’s household. Cummings, a nurse who lives in stratford, n. By and large other methods were used, corners, time out, talks, groundings, what have you.

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Dr spock spank.

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Kids definitely need limits, but spanking just makes it harder for them to behave. Meanwhile, with communities everywhere struggling to explain school shootings and other teen crime, many are blaming lax parental control. And yes, i agree that spanking can and often does get over used and becomes ineffective.